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This is the next in a series of articles from one of my most loyal and satisfied clients - Kati Lurot


Rafal, who is a stickler (dictionary definition = perfectionist, purist, fanatic) for technique, makes me feel a bit like an uncooperative schoolgirl (he even started banging his head against the wall once when I made the same mistake over and over again) but I love the challenges which he sets me and I love dancing with him.  He is beautiful to watch and so elegant when he dances.  I also love his group classes.

Paul is a performer and likes to choreograph so sets me incredible routines which push me absolutely to the limit.  Then he pulls back and tries to drum technique into me (I often feel quite broken when he has finished with me).  He is primarily a Latin dancer and moves like a god.  He makes me realise that I will never, in this lifetime, be as good as I would like to be but encourages me to go for it. 

Nuno - very occasionally I share a private lesson with Jenni in which we do nothing but the Salsa with Nuno.  There is no way that I could do this for an entire hour so splitting it works well.  Recently, he has also been doing the Argentine Tango with me.  Nuno is enchanting with a smile that lights up the world.  He is patient and strong, an incredible performer and I often find myself thrown backwards into his arms - it feels fabulous.  He puts on amazing shows such as RIP Cabaret which I went to see and was blown away.

Oleg - I have only joined his class a very few times. I have not yet worked out why I enjoy it so much.  There is always a noisy atmosphere but Oleg remains calm, smiling and encouraging.  I like his step sequences and he is a stunning dancer.

Tomasz is the ultimate gentleman.  He is tall, a beautiful dancer specialising in Ballroom and really makes me feel that he is enjoying making me enjoy dancing with him.

Zoltán is new to the school.  What a charmer.  I am sure he will become very popular and a great asset. (AND… he is Hungarian - same as me - so an immediate connection). 

There is so much more I want to learn - the Argentine Tango (Rafal in charge and love it);  American Smooth - no lessons yet;  Charleston - no lessons yet;  Street Dancing (just joking here).

AND - I am now talking about taking the IDTA exams, starting with Bronze and Silver medals  and hopefully  a gold or two in the future and also joining a performance course.  May have to consider upping the number of private lessons/classes I have but will the body take it? 

Kati has only managed to dance with some of our wonderful teachers - we have several more. So, if you would like to share the experience of being taught by our team either in the group lessons - starting the week of the 9th January 2017 or by booking private lessons with them:

Call me on 07768 760388

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