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This is the 4th in a series of articles from my dear friend Kati Lurot who is the biggest fan of Simply Dancing Partners....



Kati and Nuno for blog


"Okay all you 18 to 88 year olds (you men too).  Ring Jenni, arrange to meet her and watch a class.  You will be amazed at the warm welcome you receive and the encouragement from both teachers and students even before you sign up to join.

You will never feel useless or embarrassed.  If you can'tt keep up with a class, one of the partners will take you aside and go through everything with you separately - almost like a private lesson.

By the end of your first class, you will be able to dance a short routine in both Ballroom and Latin.  By the end of your first year, you will think that you dance like a goddess (god) - I do.

Have some private lessons first if you are feeling shy.

I have tried to analyse why dancing is so satisfying and challenging.  Well, first of all, very quickly your coordination improves, your flexibility improves, your memory improves (I jest not) but most importantly, you are being whisked around the floor by utterly delightful teachers and partners and made to feel incredibly graceful.  Week by week your confidence grows.   

SDP has, in my opinion, the best teachers and partners in London. They offer a wide range of lessons and activities - I particularly like the Technique Workshops taken by the beautiful Rafal and the monthly Social Dances.

I'm taking my Bronze Medal Exams in April (with others from the school I hope) and I will report again later. 

My big news is that with my new-found confidence I am also learning a Show Dance (very privately) with the wonderful Nuno.  He has choreographed a very funny dance for me where he drops me twice, I elbow him once, slap his face once and trip him up (see photo below).  My  original idea that I am doing all this for myself, not to perform in front of other people, is fast disappearing.  I've only had 2 hours of this so far and it is challenging but huge fun.  My biggest fear now is injury.  I cannot imagine the future without dance - so no more football with my grandsons."


Kati Lurot

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